Our Services

IPE Design specializes in transforming your brand identity into office interiors, retail interiors, exhibition stands, point of sale stands and even product designs that reflect your company’s culture and ethos. We also offer commercial, retail and industrial specialty revamping and construction.

  • IPE Innovations – Product Design

    Product Design

    With an extremely capable team of Industrial designers, IPE innovations is at the forefront of developing new products. From developing our own inventions to offering product design as a service to a wide range of blue chip clients, small companies and even inventors who need help realizing their ideas. We begin the product design process in the following stages. An extensive research stage is carried out focusing on the product, it’s competitor products, brand values and functions.

    The Conceptual Phase is then started with a workshop of brainstorming and hand sketching techniques. Once we have a chosen route or concept we carry out the Design Development stage. In this stage we use our unique product styling capabilities to create aesthetically pleasing forms which set the product apart from a visual perspective. The most complex and involved stage is to follow which is known as the Engineering phase. It is in this stage that we split the product into pieces and develop not only the exterior but the internal structure and moving components. The aim is to develop a set of technical drawings which can be used by manufacturers to mass produce these parts. We use detail Technical drawings as a form of language to communicate the exact method of manufacture to ensure that the products original essence of design is not lost in translation. Rapid prototyping is then used to develop physical models for testing, sizing and to see how well the various parts fit with each other.

  • Interior Design

    IPE Innovations – Interioir Design

    With over 14 years of experience in developing retail outlets, IPE Innovations is focused on changing the face of the retail industry. With award winning retail designs for Vodacom, Cell C, 8ta, Celtel, Be Mobile and Zain, we have cemented our reputation as the preferred 3D design agency in the mobile industry. Although specializing in cellular, we have also carried out design and implementation for retail outlets in the cosmetic, fashion, medical, optometry, banking and hospitality industries. When we go about developing a retail outlet, we try to create a memorable experience for the customer. “A store must stand out from other stores in a mall, much like a product on a shelf.” Warren Bosman .We create bold, striking features which are immediately eye catching. To capture the attention of a passing shopper is critical. We make use of what we like to refer to as the “three i’s”. “Invite, Inform and Interact “, If these three objectives are met, the design and layout are successful and will work to drive sales in a retail environment.

  • Exhibition Stand Design

    Exhibitions are a direct extension of the brand itself, which is a belief that our designers keep in mind when developing exhibition stand concepts. In any expo design we carry out, we always closely examine the brand, its architecture, brand values and company ethos. We only build custom stands for clients who are looking to stand out amongst the clutter. Having completed large 200 square meter stands for blue chip clients like LG to small 9 square meter stands for start-up companies, we take on jobs of all sizes. From design right through to stand manufacture and setup, we offer a turn-key solution. This allows our clients to breathe easy, knowing that all they have to organize is stand staff and catering.

    IPE Innovations – Exhibition Stand Design
  • Architecture

    Beautiful giant outdoor products- is the way we look at buildings…we believe that South African architecture has huge room to be more engaging and innovative in terms of form, when compared to the rest of the world. Buildings like products should have organic beautiful form. Although budgets don’t always allow for Dubai like skylines, we feel that there is always a way of creating an original piece of beautiful design which can accommodate any budget.

    With three heavyweight architects like Deepraj Bowla, Aubrey Matebula and Terence Mia as part of our design team we are a well-rounded group of designers who have created ground breaking architectural designs. Out of 21 design and architectural agencies across the world, our designs for the Ghana Oil Services Stations were chosen for their 2010 National Four court roll out program. One of our more recent architectural projects was the AMI church in Lyndhurst where we designed a church to accommodate over 7000 people, this project is currently in phase 1 construction

    IPE Innovations – Architecture
  • Photo Realistic 3D Rendered Perspectives

    Through the use of state of the art software and computers our design team at IPE Innovations is able to produce visuals of our designs that look so real, clients think they are photographs. Why this is so powerful is because it allows us to show our clients exactly what their product, stand, store will look like. This reduces the risk involved in design as poorly rendered designs often don’t accurately demonstrate material finishes and overall look and feel.

    Winning Concept and Idea Generation

    Designs are created in the mind, just like ideas. The thought that designs are created on paper is incorrect. We use drawings to develop these designs and to communicate their forms, functions, internal structure or methods of manufacture. Sometimes while sleeping or driving in traffic we are conceptually designing in our minds. What we love about creativity is that you can’t force it out…it’s the culmination of continuously applied thoughts in a particular direction, even during random times of the day that ultimately results in a breakthrough design, idea or invention.

  • Project Management

    Any project we are involved in is assigned a dedicated project manager, it is their sole responsibility is to ensure that the project runs smoothly and manages client expectations accordingly. In our extremely deadline driven industry it is critical for us to provide our clients with realistic lead times so as to ensure we always deliver on what we promise.

    Comprehensive Design Development

    Once we have a working concept we then go through an extensive design development stage where we ensure that the design is improved in every way to become the ultimate. Any design can be improved, so this stage is to ensure that we improve our clients design from a visual, functional, cost effective, and easy of manufacture platform.